E-Health Revolution from DataSel - Hospital Manager - February 2012


How do you think the health informatics future is being planned in Turkey?There is a famous saying; “Discovery comes to prepared minds” ...Datasel has become a “prepared mind” with an accumulation and experience of 22 years fed by software solutions developed towards all stakeholders in the health informatics sector, by combining the most advanced informatics technologies and the telecommunications revolutions that are rapidly entering our lives with their own knowledge. 

As Datasel, we not only follow the information and telecommunication technologies of the work and their effects as well as probable effects on health informatics, we also follow closely and attentively the plans towards the future of the Ministry of Health and other main regulators that still establish, audit and manage rules and standards and provide services.

OECD reports and foreign based health media sources have stated that while there are areas in the Turkish health sector that need development, they have also been very successful. While changes in the nature of reforms that are made with a social government and citizen prioritization concept have been creating positive results in this direction, in some areas there have also been accomplishments that are the first in the world.

It is not possible to reach all of these goals and accomplishments without informatics technologies. The Ministry of Health, which we believe is in possession of this knowledge, has accomplished a first in Turkey by establishing the Informatics General Directorate to emphasize the importance of informatics technologies in the health sector. It is for this reason that the developments are very hopeful for the development of the health informatics sector.

How do you see the future in this field?

For example, knowing the changes that will be brought about by mobility in health in establishments that provide health services will present the ability and chance for these establishments to plan now so that they can keep up with the changes in the future and this provides the opportunity to be ready for the future and to manage the change.

The positive contributions that will be created by the internet in terms of service quality, speed, productivity and the reduction of costs to patients and the establishments where they obtain services, the growing popularity of Tele-medical applications and as a result the ability of specific kinds of patient groups and the elderly to be able to obtain health services in the comfort of their own homes will bring unbelievable benefits to the patient, doctor, hospital and insurance companies. The resources that will be provided in measuring, evaluation and management by informatics and communications technologies playing a larger role in health can already be foreseen and create the possibility to actively rather than passively plan the future. Therefore health informatics will be the most significant help to those who plan the future of health in order for them to carry out, supervise and manage these plans actively and in short to realize these plans as they were planned.

Does the Turkish health sector follow the new technologies and modern standards attentively?

In the process of striving for goals, it is important that the quality of services is increased and maintenance costs are decreased in health companies. In order to accomplish early diagnosis and effective treatment, easy and rapid access to patient information and the ability to gather new information in the relevant processes is needed. In these situations transforming data into information, analyzing situations and making decisions are possible through utilizing the latest technology. Since this information is now available by remote access through the telecommunications circuit and sensors, it is not possible to survive without using these developments in the health sector. Of course it is necessary to emphasize that the private sector has been a leader here.

Could you summarize the solutions that you provide for the needs of the sector?

Our company has considered the needs of the sector as a whole by developing the new Health Enterprise Platform. The Avicenna Hospital Information System (HBYS) has been newly designed and developed with knowledge accumulated over 22 years and consideration for both national and international requirements.

In terms of the sector needs we can start with people oriented solutions that provide productivity without illness such as Personal Health Record and for large, medium and small hospitals, family doctors and radiology such solutions as voice recognition technologies, eClaim, Telemedicine and mobile solutions can be categorized.

What are the areas of application for the AviCenna HBYS System?

The AviCenna system has been prepared so that it can be used in small, medium and large hospitals as well as hospitals that have the same corporate identity but a distributed structure. Since both the national and international markets were targeted the AviCenna HBYS application has been set up to work with multi languages and currencies.

The AviCenna HBYS has advanced report generation and parametric report organization systems in its structure. In addition to simple reports, detailed medical reports such as anamnesis-epicrisis and financial reports such as financial statements and income – expense reports are provided. Also in order to meet the advanced statistical report generation needs of the user, a library of needed applications has been provided without the requirement of an additional application. If needed, the reports can be saved in various file formats (XML, Excel, Word, CSV, RTF, etc.). Additional data entry and report generation interfaces that may be needed by the hospital outside of the patient flow are able to be formed within the hospital’s own capacity.


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